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Distances and time are very important. We advise our clients to plan ahead and not be rushed. We have beautiful places for you to see and great adventure to be had, just to do the Waitomo Caves is a 6 hour trip with 4 hours travelling time which leaves you just 2 hours to see 2 caves and have some lunch. If you were able to get off the ship as early as possible and say have 9 hours to utilize we would have time to visit Rotorua and see some wonderful sights or stop off and visit Hobbiton and get you back to the ship in time.

Another possibility would be to pick you in Auckland and if the ship goes to Mt Maunganui next stop you could have 2 full days to see a lot more. The advantage of my service is that I can move a lot quicker with a small group so you are able to see a great deal more.

I am able to help you with any questions about what activities or attractions you may want to visit,  you can view other options that you may wish to consider.

I will be able to assist in any way to ensure you have a wonderful visit. Hoping i can be of help to you please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Tour price estimates


Almost any tour is possible, the cost depends on depends on number of people. I can seat 6 people very comfortably so the more passengers the cheaper per person.

Two people for 6 hours would be $360 which works out at $180 per person, 4 people would be $420 which works out at $105 p/p, 6 people $560 which works out at $93 P/P. For any extra hours just add on $50 per hour. So to summarise it becomes much cheaper the more people you can have.

People that i have had in the past have recruited extra people on the ship and they have been very happy




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